Update 5/5/2020

Update 5/5/2020

Happy Tuesday everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying the weather on this bank holiday Monday. Can you believe that this is our 7th week without seeing each other. I have more news for you from the teachers and SNAs and I am constantly getting good news about all of you from Class Dojo.

You are being wonderful, patient and helpful at home. Please don’t worry. The school will be kept closed for another few weeks but there are many clever and kind people who are making plans for how and when we will meet up again safely.

In the meantime, we can stay at home hanging out with our families and have fun! Keep smiling, trying out new things, doing some exercise and helping out.

I have been blown away by the entries to the playground design competition… Mr O’ Shaughnessy has put them together on a video which I will share with everyone. We have also made a shortlist of winners which we will share with you tomorrow. The level of work and creativity in the designs was astonishing. I was so proud to see how clever, thoughtful and colourful your designs were.

Here is the link to the video of al the entries! I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I did!

We will be doing an active challenge this week which we will share with you tomorrow. Mr Fennelly has recorded it for you.Again I will ask you to send your challenges in to challenge@stmarksjs.ie. Everyone who enters this challenge will be put in a draw for a prize.

I got a new ukulele this week. It’slike a small guitar with 4 strings. I’m hoping to learn how to play it but I’m finding it hard to even tune it! I will keep you updated though and hopefully by the time we go back to school I’ll be able to play a tune for you! Have any of you started to learn something new?

Ms Browne has loads of cows near her house so she sent me a video to share with you to help you learn a little about them. If you ever wondered where your milk comes from, here is a little video of a milking parlour and cows being milked.

The milk goes into a big silver tank, next it is brought off in a huge lorry where it is pasteurised and homogenised in a creamery. This means the milk is safe to drink. Milk has so many uses, not alone do we drink it but we use it for cheese, yogurts and butter!

Cows are milked twice a day, in the morning and evening. During the day cows enjoy some tasty grass and a lie down in a field.

A cow is a very gentle animal and loves routine, often they will come in themselves in the evening to be milked!

If you look closely at the videos you will see a cow licking its new born calf (it is not trying to eat the calf!). That calf was born last night and was only 6 hours old at the time!

Finally, you will see some hungry calves enjoying some warm milk for breakfast.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this letter. I miss you guys loads and I know all the teachers and staff do too. Your teacher have prepared some work for you this week which will be up on the website as usual. I’d really like you to try and do some of it this week and maybe choose one piece to share with your teacher. I loved seeing your. playground challenge and I know they will love seeing your work.

Stay safe,

Ms Ni Bhroin

St. Mark's Junior School,
Dublin 24,

01 451 2076

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