Update 27/4/2020

Update 27/4/2020

Hi All,

Hope all is well with everyone! Luckily the sun is still shining this week!

We got some good news from the government this week that we are “flattening the curve” .That means thatall our staying in and washing our hands is working to keep us safe. We need to continue to do this and hope we can get back to school soon. We also need to think about the people in our community who aren’t well at the moment. So if you could ,I’d love if you could think about them when you’re saying your prayers.

All the teachers have been busy this week. There are loads of new policies that we are working on and loads of meetings to decide how best to keep in contact with all of you. We are also trying to get in contact with anyone we haven’t heard from on Class Dojo to see if you’re ok and if there is anything we can do.

We got word that Our First Communion hasbeen postponed this week. I know this is very disappointing for you ,but Fr Pat and the Church are working hard to see how best to organise this safely when they can. We should have more clarity around this after the new update by the government on the 5th of May.

One thing I’ve noticed this week is there are loads of bees around.Do you know that they fly at a speed of around 25km per hour and beat their wings 200 times per second! It was very hard for me to get a photo ,butI only managed to capture one. Here is a photo of a bee on an apple tree. It’s very small and hard to see between the flowers so you’ll have to look closely.

Ms McKenna also sent me some more photos of bees to share with you. Her husband is a bee keeper, so she has lots of hives in her garden.

This week we have decided to set you all a challenge. It’s a fun challenge and you can enter if you’d like to. The challenge is to design a playground for our yard. You can use whatever you like to design it, draw it, paint it,make it with play-dough, matchsticks, cardboard, lego, sticks, whatever you’d like.

If you’dlike to enter it into a competition you can email it to challenge@stmarksjs.ie. Your Mum or Dad can help you with the email part .Mr Fennelly and I will chose some winners and we will send you a book in the post as a prize. We will also make a video of all the entries on our website, so make sure you have permission from your Mum or Dad before you send it in. I can’t wait to see all your creative ideas.

Have a lovely week. Miss you all, stay safe and keep in touch - we love hearing from you!

Le meas,

Ms Ni Bhroin

Some more information and photos on bees

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