Update 20/4/2020

Update 20/4/2020

Welcome back,

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and you are all staying safe. We have been really lucky with the fabulous weather and I’m enjoying getting out for a walk every day! My favourite thing about the weather is that it’s warm outside and I love the sun ☀️ !

Spring is my favourite time of the year. I enjoying watching the flowers and leaves grow. I have a big pink cherry blossom tree outside my house and I’ve been watching it every day to see the changes. Some of the buds have now opened up to pink flowers and it cheers me up every morning. I've updated a photo above so you can see it too.

I hope you are all staying at home and washing your hands regularly.

I know it’s hard not seeing your family and your friends but if we keep doing what we are asked hopefully we will all stay safe and get back to school soon! I miss you guys and miss going to school! There is too much washing up to be done in my house while I’m at home!

I’ve been having a look at Dojo and it’s been lovely to see all the things you and your teachers are getting up to! You look like you’re having such fun with your families.

Your teachers have set up some work for you to do this week. It’s all based on an outdoor theme so we hope the weather is good and you can get out on a spring hunt. It will also help if you have brothers and sisters in other classes as you can do all the activities together! Don’t forget you can also use the timetable that we have linked below, or you could make your own. It might be helpful for you to keep a routine.

Jean, Glanmore, Mr Walsh and I have been busy this week trying to organise your lunch delivery. There was a little mix up but I think it’s all sorted now so this should arrive weekly for those who have asked.

Please let your mum or dad know that I’ve posted some information for them separately in another post on some services in the area.

Have a lovely week and I look forward to seeing your pictures and videos during the week.

Stay Safe,

Ms Ni Bhroin

St. Mark's Junior School,
Dublin 24,

01 451 2076

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