Principal's News 11/5/2020

Principal's News 11/5/2020

Good morning,

I hope everyone is well. We’ve had such a fantastic week with the sunshine this week. We are lucky Mr Fennelly chose an outdoor challenge. I hope you were all wearing suncream. Do you know I really like the smell of suncream but I don’t like putting it on because sometimes it's sticky? Do you like the smell of suncream?

I’ve been busy reading this week - Dear Zoo is the favourite book in my house at the moment. One day I read it 12 times so I had to hide it as I was tired of reading it! The elephant is my favourite animal in that book. While I was reading the book I tried to make the noise that an elephant makes - but I didn't know what noise it makes. I went to the Dublin Zoo website to have a look at the webcam to see if I could hear the elephants and learn a little about them - have you seen it? You might be able to have a look if your Mum or Dad has some free time. I’ve linked the website here

I have loads of news for you this week. Rita and Imelda have been busy trying to get everything ready for next year. They are organising emails and making phone calls. They tell me they miss all of you and can’t wait to get back to school.

Rita likes to knit when she’s relaxing. She sent me a picture of this tea cosy she knit. Can you guess who it is? Imelda likes gardening when she’s not working. She has some gardening gloves and loves to keep the garden nice and smart.

Mr Fennelly has also been in touch. He is really missing school and golf. He likes to play golf when the weather is good. The good news is the golf course might be able to open soon so he can start playing again.

Don’t forget to share all your news on Class Dojo this week. The weekly plans are up on the website for you. I usually put them up on a Saturday morning so your Mums and Dads can have a look and plan if they’d like to get ready for Monday. I’d really love if all of you could put up one piece of work on your portfolio this week for your teachers and me to see. You can ask your parents to email your teacher if you are unsure how to work the portfolio. Your teacher or SNA's email is their firstname . surname

Stay safe this week,

Take care,

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