Closure for the Easter holidays


Dear Parents / Guardians,

The children will finish at 12pm on Friday 26th of March to start their Easter break. You child's teacher will share the exact finishing time on their online platform.

In order to facilitate social distancing of children and adults at this time we will be staggering the home times. This will also limit the amount of children and adults going through the gates at any one time. We ask for your patience and support as we will be handing over all of our nearly 500 children in a short period of time and are very mindful of doing this as safely as possible.

We would ask that parents / guardians arrive only at their allocated time to avoid crowding and to limit the time required to dismiss the children. For parents collecting more than one child, please refrain from congregating on the school yard.

Your child will be taking home their books later this week. This is precautionary and we know no more than you. This is simply so that we are all prepared for whatever the future may hold. We are hopeful that school will resume as normal and we are preparing for this after the break. Please ensure that these books are completed only at the request and guidance of your child’s teacher. These books should be returned to school upon reopening.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very safe and happy Easter. This year has given us plenty of obstacles and challenges. Take this time during the Easter break to allow your child to recharge and relax before we begin term 3.

St. Mark’s JNS will be reopening on Monday 12th of April at 8:50.

Reminder: All adults to wear a facemask while on the school grounds.

Kind regards,

Mark Fennelly

St. Mark's Junior School,
Dublin 24,

01 451 2076

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